The precise date of all Events can be found in the
Calender of Events of the City of Ladenburg.


Summer Parade

The Summer Parade of Ladenburg is traditionally held on the third Sunday before Easter. Many children and numerous clubs organize a colorful parade of colorfully decorated fancy cars, historic and homemade costumes and many famous old songs. At the end of the parade on the festival ground underneath the Water Tower is the symbolic burning of the Winter in form of a Snowman. The parade through the town center is characterized by the unique atmosphere of the historic center’s streets and alleys. Besides the Summer Parade, all retailers open up their stores to attract customers and the twinning association “Garango-Ladenburg” invites to the “Garango-Festival” inside of the Cathedral Court.


Ladenburg’s Organ-Summer

On three Sundays in summer season special concerts will be held in Ladenburg’s churches: the first concert is placed at the Evangelical Church, the second concert happens in the St. Gallus church. The third concert is a concert with changing appearance in the two churches. Originally, the St. Sebastian Chapel was involved in the Ladenburg’s Orgelsommer as well. But until the re-opening concerts will be initially held only in the Evangelical Church and the St. Gallus Church.

Africa Day

On this day, African food, an African cultural program and an African craft market will be offered. The event takes place every summer. Usually on a Sunday in mid-June. The location is in the „Reinhold-Schulz-Waldpark“ (forest park) at the “Trajanstraße” (Trajanstreet).

Annual fair

Every year in August the traditional annual fair takes places in Ladenburg for several days. Gastronomy, social clubs and carnies make this event diverse for young and old. Over the years Open Air Weightlifting, fair cake and a leisure park with shooting gallery, carousel and other attractions took place in this annual fair.


Historic Town Festival

The Ladenburg Historic Town Festival is a street fair in the marketplace with cultural program and flea market. The stands are usually operated by clubs and shops of the town. Many wine taverns are open on these days, offering food and drink. Usually it takes place on a weekend in september.


Christmas Market

At the Advent weekends in December Ladenburg’s Christmas Market takes place near the historical market place (Marktplatz). The visitors are being offered a variety of meals and drinks. Besides there are arts and crafts as well as gift items, that are available for purchase. The old town is illuminated by a sea of Christmas lights and the lanes, lit houses and stores create a cozy atmosphere.

Aside the visitors may experience a mixed cultural program every market day. It ranges from a “live nativity scene” to traditional “Garango morning drink”, whose proceeds benefit the partner community Garango in Burkina Faso.